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Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by wmapother 1 Comment

Google is very good at making offers we can’t refuse (e.g., Gmail, Google Maps,
searches for “all-night pizza delivery,” etc.).  I received mine via the prolific director-producers Rodrigo Garcia and Jon Avnet.  They’ve been commissioned—along with a number of Hollywood heavyweights—to create scripted content for YouTube (which is owned, of course, by Google).  They’ll be added to the site’s current channels of original content, most of which are unscripted.

The series is called Wigs, and they feature, predominantly, stories about women.  Rodrigo (the director of last year’s Oscar nominee Albert Nobbs) has spoken about the series to the LA Times and the magazine for the Directors Guild.

Actors in the series include Alfred Molina, Alison Janney, America Ferrara, Jennifer Garner.  Real slouches.  Mine was about speed dating.  Surprisingly, it’s not a horror flick. Melonie Diaz plays a women who suffers through a series of five-minute dates, poor thing.  I’m one of the guys, poor thing x 2.  The release, er, upload date is not yet known.  Stay tuned.

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    You got me with the name…

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