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Ebert Aboard

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by wmapother 10 Comments

Roger Ebert has named Another Earth one of the 20 best films of 2011.  And who can argue with Roger Ebert?  We’re in good company.  Check out the other 19.

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10 Responses

  1. Rosella W says:

    That’s fantastic! I really want to see Another Earth; I hope I can find it.

  2. i. zammit says:

    Another Earth is one of the best films ever. Smart Rating (Professionalism and Photography) 5/5 and Popcorn Rating (Entertaining level) 1/5. This film is not a comedy to be given 5/5. This is drama film. Thus, my score is an A+.

  3. Roberta says:

    Another Earth is the best Indie movie of this year.
    Happy 2012!
    for every one of us!

  4. Steve Lewis says:


    I hope this is auto set on your site as it would be a shame.

    Ive written before about how much I liked your film Another Earth.

    I very much more enjoyable experience that the fill I watched recently Melancholia – to me this was by far the better made in all aspects from music to simply the feeling of hope from your film..

    I am interested but haven’t read much concerning the films ending being open as it was to some interpretation.

    The family you lose in the world we see is that caused by the direction she views the other earth?

    The (AN)other earth by its position being opposite can we take it that things happened different as regards left and right?

    That on the other planet it was your character that was lost instead or simply the accident simply didn’t happen and ruined neither of your lives as seen with the last shot of her having made the journey the other way.

    Just how much could you take from this as an actor to play the decision to go see what happened after being given the ticket even if its that the family their is intact and identical except you are now a superfluous double.

    I see similarities with an old UK film called journey to the far side of the sun about a mirror image earth.

    I love the fact its left open ended far more than some bleak endings or non event endings leaving you hanging.

    In your films there are many ways to view the outcome.
    Not comparing it to Fringe ongoing tv alternate earth also.

    Are you happy with the ending? would you like to see what happens next or is it best as ive written above to leave it up to the vivid imagination of viewers?

    I cannot imagine the need to a sequel that will answer all those questions really.

    This is why I think its such a good film and you play the part in a realistic way considering all the direction the story could go.

    Cheers mate

    From the UK happy new year


    • wmapother says:

      Thanks for all the comments, Steve. And thanks for the spoilers alert..

      I don’t know the answer to all your questions, but I’ll venture some guesses:
      I think the left and right on the other planet is probably the same. I lose my family here because, incidentally, of the other earth — b/c she’s viewing it. I’m not sure the other earth directly caused me to lose my family. We don’t know what happened on the other earth. If the broken mirror theory is correct, then once the two planets saw each other, they no longer mirrored one another. Therefore, we don’t know what happened on Earth 2 after that. In other words, the accident might not have happened. But that doesn’t mean the other John is still married to his wife. Maybe one of them had an accident, or maybe they divorced. Lots of fun theorizing, eh?

      Thank you,

  5. Irina says:

    Ihaven’t seen such good american film for a long time.Thank you for your participation. I was waiting for it.

  6. Jovie says:

    Wow, just saw this movie and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’d like to ask a couple more questions if I may (don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie).

    Rhoda gives up her dream for John to try to make things right. Does he ever forgive her? Does this allow her to forgive herself?

    The ending leaves you with a sense of apprehension because we know that the only reason Rhoda2 is on Earth1 is that she must have also killed somebody in that accident. So did she also kill the wife and child? In which case, poor John is just going to find another lonely version of himself.

    Or if the accident on Earth2 killed John instead, the Rhodas can finally let go of their guilt because the family is back together. I’m glad that the Rhodas didn’t pass each other in space! They probably are the only ones who understand each other.

    I expected to see self-forgiveness as a theme in this film but I admit that I didn’t see the hospital scene coming. Had me in tears.

    Lovely, lovely movie and a wonderful performance from all.

    Thank you,

    • wmapother says:

      Thank you, Jovie. First things first: Re. character aspects off-screen or after the movie ends, your guess, er, hypothesis is as good as mine. : )

      I do believe that John forgives her, if only because she has such lustrous blond hair. Brit might have her own idea about Rhoda, but I think Rhoda has a long road-ahead of her for forgiving herself. It might take her a while to completely release the guilt, if she ever can.

      Actually, we don’t know that Rhoda2 is on Earth1 (maybe we’ve been watching Earth2, or maybe it’s Rhoda1’s imagination), or why (if the synchronicity broke, perhaps Rhoda2 didn’t cause an accident, and she got on the ship because she’s a prodigy scientist).

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the movie and it’s stayed with you for a while.

  7. Sara says:

    Another Earth is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in years, and not just indie films. I’m amazed at how simple it is (filming, budget) and complex. It left me asking myself a lot of questions about decisions I’ve made in my life. I really enjoyed watching your performance. Since In The Bedroom I’ve been a fan of that “creepy guy” and again on Lost of the Others’ resident weirdo Ethan. It was nice to see you as this broken man barely living to one coming back to life with the hope and promise of this “something” that the new relationship could bring.

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