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Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by wmapother No Comments

Suggestion for actors #2,317:  Sign up for email newsletters of your local museums and cultural centers.
Among the many advantages:

•  They often have free events.
•  They’re a great opportunity to make contacts with writers and directors (It was at a reading by Adam Gopnick at LA’s Skirball that I met the NYC director who led me to NYC’s Public Theatre’s Shakespeare Lab which led me to the casting director who thought of me for Another Earth (more on that some other time.  You get the idea.)
•   The events are good to go with a date.  Or someone you want to be a date.
•  Pt. 2 of the line above:  They’re a good place to make contact with a date.
•  Did I mention that some of the events are free?
•  Filmmakers love it when actors see classic movies.  Such as those shown at museum.
•  You don’t have to trust yourself and/or take the time to view their websites.  Actors like it to be easy, right?

Some in L.A. to get you started:

[This has been another in a continuing series of potentially helpful, hopefully commonsensical information to actors on practicing their craft or surviving while trying to do so.  I bear no responsibility for how this or any of my posts might ruin your life, lead you to law school, or make your parents sick with worry.]

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