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Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by wmapother No Comments

If player-coaches have a tough time, imagine actor-directors.  Now imagine actor-directors directing their old friends.  Now imagine actor-directors directing their old friends named William Mapother.  Now go get a drink.  I just did.

Fortunately, this bad sort of drama was in absence last week on the set of The Mentalist.  I shot an ep — Blinking Red Light –directed by the star Aussie with blinding smile, Simon Baker, whom I’ve known for longer than either of us care to recall, and Simon was as fun, calm and crafty as you’d expect.  My scenes were with the copacetic Robin Tunney, whom I know from The Zodiak.

Being an actor:  Bad – waiting for work.  Good – making lots of friends, running into them unexpectedly, and working with them when the stars align.

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