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Projects Update

Posted on: October 7th, 2011 by wmapother 3 Comments

With these updates I hope you’ll all be able to finalize your autumn schedules…

My Mentalist episode airs on Nov 2.

On Dec 2, A Warrior’s Heart, the indie I made a good while back with Twilight‘s  Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz, will have a limited (10-city) theatrical release and come out on VOD.  More details as I get them.

In January, Lifetime will air The Drew Peterson Story, starring Rob Lowe in a scary moustache.

Here’s to a lovely autumn.

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3 Responses

  1. sahana martin says:

    Hi William ,

    i guess people know , but i think your Mentalist episode is on tonight, the 3rd (not the 2nd)? I was checking , because i want to see it .


  2. wmapother says:

    you’re right! duh. thank you for the catch. : )

  3. sahana says:

    and i’m glad i caught it .you were great . that ‘staring scene’ -sometimes a look says more than words.
    almost expected them to come to your door a fourth time 🙂

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