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AfterLost interview

Posted on: October 7th, 2011 by wmapother 2 Comments

The great folks at AfterLost have posted my interview with them.

Posted in Acting Projects, Press

2 Responses

  1. sahana martin says:

    Hello William,

    I like the part about you not analyzing Ethan Rom’s character, because it was already influenced by how you interpreted him and how the viewers (want to ) see him. In a way he has taken on a kind of his own life.. ( What if there is another Earth where all the characters ever played are roaming around. Or maybe we are all characters once imagined by.. someone. )

    Since you have so many inspiring posts and links and i have none in return (at the moment), i will just mention one of the books i have read recently. It’s called ‘They Have a Word for It’ and is described as “A lighthearted lexicon of untranslatable words & phrases” (i’ve once studied linguistics). It’s a good read for travelling or when you have to wait somewhere. The other reason to choose this one out of the pile of books here – it’s the only one published in Louisville, Kentucky 🙂

    To a lovely autumn indeed,

  2. Roberta says:

    Lost. It was a milestone for the television world and the more I watch, the more I agree to “The Others”.

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