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SAG Ballots en route

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by wmapother 4 Comments

Tomorrow the ballots are mailed for the Screen Actors Guild election.  This year I’m running to retain my Board seat, which I’ve held since 2007.  If you’re a member, please take the time to vote.

Although the Board elections are always important, this year that is particularly true.  Early in 2012 the Board will almost surely decide on the specifics of a merger with the other major actors union, AFTRA.  This merger will effect, at a very minimum, the contracts with our many employers, our membership requirements, and our Pension and Health Plans.

If you were ever going to take the time to vote, this is the year.

I’m #3 on the ballot.  The Hollywood Reporter has all the candidates listed here.

Candidates’ statements for the ballot were restricted to 100 words.  In a shocker, I used fewer words than I could have.  My statement is at the bottom.

“Pro-AFTRA merger.  A combined union provides us maximum leverage.  My other priorities: membership requirements; strong Pension & Health; Global Rule One; protections for background actors; and a powerful New Media presence.  I bring a working actor’s perspective and have been a Board member since 2007.  Current committees: New Technology, Disciplinary Review.”

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4 Responses

  1. Sherri says:

    Enjoyed flying you to LAX this morning on SWA! You are an awesome actor. Wanted to tell you in person but didn’t want an audience. Sherri (flight attendant)

  2. ANDREA says:

    Good Luck with the SAG election 😉

  3. sahana martin says:

    Wishing you success for the election and concerning your comment – i enjoy the interviews that you give exactly because you talk in detail about your profession and in a way that makes it more understandable and accessible for others. Also it is always good to listen to someone who loves what they are doing . I’m just taking the chance to say that for all those interesting links that you posted. Keep up the good work !
    Greetings from the other side of the Earth 🙂

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