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Q&A for AE in KY

Posted on: August 17th, 2011 by wmapother 1 Comment

This weekend Another Earth opens in Louisville, among other places, but I’m not from those other places, I’m from Louisville, so that’s where I’ll be this weekend.

It’s playing at the Baxter Ave. Filmworks, and this Friday & Saturday night I’m doing a Q&A after the 7:40 shows.  (Baxter has a strict no-rotten-vegetables policy.  Sorry.)

A little local press never hurt anyone:
• Louisville’s Voice-Tribune this week includes a very kind piece on me here, and
• Thursday at 3:30pm I’ll be calling into Terry Meiners‘s show.

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  1. C. Preston says:

    This is a remarkable film. Just wanted to say congratulations – and thank you for a great performance. Guess I should look up the director and your co-star/screenwriter too and thank them. It is so rare to see a film like this – the story is so economical, clean, layered, and the acting, well, you communicated a lot with your body, as the house gets cleaner, less cluttered your body and the way you use the space in the frame seems to open up as well. Very nice.Thanks. Reminds me why I love film.

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