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Two funny shorts to start the year

Posted on: January 4th, 2011 by wmapother 5 Comments

Okay, many of you may have seen these, as they made the rounds last fall, but someone recently reminded me of them, so I re-watched and still found them worth wasting time on (I mean, come on, there’s just sooo much time left in 2011…).

‘So you want to go to law school’ (here) is both painfully funny and accurate, at least according to lawyers, or those of us who know scores and scores of them.

‘The client/agent relationship’ (here) is both painfully funny and accurate, at least according to actors, or those of us who have cast our sad lot among them.  [Note:  I excuse my agents and managers from any criticism, assumptions, or collateral abuse which can be in any way derived, presumed, guessed at, or otherwise  irresponsibly fabricated from the previous sentence.  (So, call me, guys, okay?  Seriously.) ]

Finally, the first one above is on YouTube, and the page include a number of links to similar videos, which you can watch to your heart’s content.  (It’s only Jan 3…..)

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5 Responses

  1. dwkazzie says:

    Hi there,

    I wrote the "So You Want to Go to Law School" video, so I'm very glad you liked it.

    I'm a big fan of yours, especially of your work on Lost, and so seeing the video posted here is a huge thrill for me.

    Thanks again,
    David Kazzie

  2. Andrea says:

    the lawyer's story it's so funny 😀

  3. Vivian says:

    i like the two videos…very funny!

  4. Roberta says:

    start the year smiling is always good 😉

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