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Park City, here comes Another Earth

Posted on: January 21st, 2011 by wmapother 6 Comments

Off tomorrow morning for the Sundance festival.  I’m kind of prepared but not really.  Have probably packed too much of the wrong things, most questionable ideas of how to answer the inevitable unanswerable questions from the press, What would you do if there really were another earth, How do you feel, and the perennial What’s your favorite _____?

Fingers crossed that our little movie gets shown some love..

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6 Responses

  1. Roberta says:

    have a great trip! I'll be sending good vibes and be sure to tell us how the festival is being
    love you!

  2. Andrea says:

    i wish you luck!

  3. Angie Rampey says:

    Have a wonderful trip and lots of luck to you!! 🙂

  4. sahana martin says:

    with your sense of humor you surely are prepared enough .
    Wishing you a good time & inspiring encounters ,


  5. sahana martin says:

    PS : so what's your favorite___ ?

  6. Vivian says:

    good Luck with the movie and interviews 😀

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