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A Little ‘Earth’ Love

Posted on: December 9th, 2010 by wmapother 4 Comments

In the week since ‘Another Earth’ was accepted — against ridiculous odds — into Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival (my post here), we’ve had a little love from around the web.  Get Addicted put us as a top pick here; Movie City News did the same here; and my hometown Louisville paper, the Courier-Journal gave me a shout-out (with this pic from I-don’t-know-where) here.

I’ll probably be mentioning this film a good bit the next six weeks, so for those of you who didn’t follow the links in the earlier post, here’s the official press release plot:  “On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, a horrible tragedy irrevocably alters the lives of two strangers, who begin an unlikely love affair.”

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4 Responses

  1. Roberta says:

    I'm hoping very much for 'Another Earth'.
    I want to get the film out soon to the big circuit.
    I'm anxious to watch it.

    P.S:I like the picture

  2. sahana martin says:

    Hello William,

    i like how one article mentions your presence , as this is one of your qualities . i would add the (com-)passion for the characters you play (and i have seen only a few of your movies . Moola and Lather Effect aren't even available here – amazon.com gave me a 'not in your region' -message for the download . what is this good for ? )
    Congratulations on receiving the recognition you deserve.

    Beautiful day, s.

  3. Andrea says:

    does anyone know when the movie will premiere here in Argentina?

  4. Vivian says:

    Good Luck! 😉

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