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Slated’s Festival Genius Award at Gotham Fest

Posted on: November 17th, 2010 by wmapother 5 Comments

A little while back I posted about Slated, a company I started last year with a few others.  One thing Slated does is run the online film guides for film festivals, helping audience members easily find what’s playing and create a personalized schedule, plus buy tickets for the films and rate them.  This service is called, modestly enough, Festival Genius.  Last year it was used by over 200 film festivals.

Well, nearly everyone and everything else has created an award, so why not poor little FG?  No reason at all.  That’s kind of what we’ve been thinking.

So on November 29 at the Gotham Film Festival in NYC, the first-ever Festival Genius Award will be given in partnership with the IFP, which runs the fest.  The Hollywood Reporter piece on it is here.

The five nominees have been announced, and they include Winter’s Bone, starring Jennifer Lawrence, who hails from my hometown of Louisville.  We screened Winter’s Bone this past June at Louisville’s Flyover Film Festival.

Now, I know how reluctant you readers are to voice your opinions, but please, feel free to speak up for once in your life and vote for your favorite here.  We live in a democracy, most of the time — exercise your right to opine.

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5 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    finally i'm the number 1 🙂
    i'm so glad 😀

    let's vote,GUYS!

  2. Vivian says:

    @ Andrea
    finally i'm the number 1 🙂
    LOL…i'm so glad too…:D

    G.Lucky,Will 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any news about the movie ever filmed? when we watch them?

    I wish you sucess…

  4. Gaby says:

    I love movies … from the classics to those that are great for market reasons but not enough to be shown in cinemas in the country

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