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Agony and Ecstasy and Agony..

Posted on: September 20th, 2010 by wmapother 4 Comments

Please note the photo to your right.  It shows only several of the many TV screens at a local sports bar, and even more specifically, it shows several college football games in progress.  If you recognize what this was right off the bat (or ball), please consult your doctor.  You may have a serious case of masochism.

Treatments are uncertain and not promising, especially if you’re a fan of Notre Dame.  In this case, each passing year seems to bring only less wisdom, not more.  Only less hope, not more.  Only more pain, not less.  And yet one seems unable to stop hoping.  This is a s-i-c-k-n-e-s-s.

Case in point:  Last evening the Irish lost in overtime to Michigan State, which pulled a gutsy fake field goal to win the game.  Hooray for them.  So excited.  Couldn’t be happier for the Sparkies.  Go green.  Yay yay yeah yeah whatever.

Only problem:  Please note the :00 in the red at the bottom.  That’s correct.  Time had expired.  The clock had run out/down/off before the play even started.  The Big East’s explanation?  Basically, “we’re only human.”  Sigh.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude, I can't watch ND FB any more. Some of the coaching decisions by BK defy all reason. The non-kick at the end of the first half against UM! The 4th and 1 IN HIS OWN territory against MSU!! Then, if that's not enough, he lays down and opts for OT – you've got to be kidding. IMHO, the fake field goal was Karma pure and simple. What makes me crazy though, in both of those games, ND was on the verge of breaking the games open when A) Floyd fumbled near the goal line in game 1 which would have made it 20 – 3. And B) Crist threw the INT in game 2 after they had scored on consecutive possessions. Both swung momentum to the other guys. I'm still going to take my son to the NYC game at Yankee stadium, but I may have to wear neutral colors at this rate. OTOH, life is good here in Nashville and I'm in a co-ed flag football league on Monday nights – yeah baby!


    Jeff 'Serengeti' James

  2. administrator says:

    heartbreaking. send me your email address.
    glad to hear nashville's a ball!

  3. Roberta says:

    I know nothing about football…then exceptionally in the post today i don't know what to say 😀

  4. Vivian says:

    I, i don't know what to say also 🙂

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