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My Candidacy for the SAG Board

Posted on: August 26th, 2010 by wmapother 4 Comments

My three-year term on Board of the Screen Actors Guild is ending, and I’m running again (for the eggs, of course).  SAG members should receive their ballots today — I’m at #43.

I’m running on the slate of Membership First.  Our primary goal:  Merge all of SAG & AFTRA actors into one union.
Below is a bit more information on Membership First.
If you’re a SAG member, please vote.  It’s your union.  Exercise your voice.

Imagine the benefits of merging all actors into one union:
    • Hassle-free qualifying for just one Health & Pension
    • Simplicity of a single dues payment.
    • Unified membership focused on actors’ financial
Sound pretty good?  We think so, too.  
Join us in supporting a SAG-AFTRA merger of All Actors into One Union.  
One purpose.  One voice.  
Q: What kind of SAG-AFTRA merger does Membership First support?
A: One which brings all actors — and only actors — into
       one union.
Q: Who does Membership First mean by ‘actors’ in an all-actors union?
A: Principal and background actors, stunt performers &
       pilots, dancers, singers, puppeteers.
Q: Why not also merge with AFTRA’s non-actors (broadcasters, journalists, DJ’s, etc.)?  Isn’t more better?
A: Not in this case.  They could vote on our contracts —
       but they have no experience with actors’ concerns.
       In fact, they have conflicting interests which could
       make them vote against actors’ concerns.  Also, they
       don’t increase our leverage because legally, they can’t
       walk out with us.  Merging with them threatens the
       very strength we need this merger to achieve.
Membership First’s Balanced Approach to Merger:
• Merge all of SAG & AFTRA actors into one union.
• Hire an outside merger consultant.  Merging unions is
     highly complex and costly.  It requires innovation and
     specialists.  It’s too important to be created by Board
     members/SAG staff alone.
• Include the members:  Conduct town hall meetings,
     caucuses and surveys.
• Preserve the financial security of SAG’s Pension & Health
    Plans.  The problems of combining SAG’s & AFTRA’s
    plans have not been resolved. Membership First would
    do so before merger.
• Protect every SAG member’s right to vote.  All members
    could vote on this merger.
Membership First Candidates 
(as listed on your ballot):

For more info, please see www.membershipfirst.blogspot.com           
Membership First endorses these independent candidates:
#3   John Tremaine   #4  Mobin Khan       
#17 Leigh French      #48 Rico Bueno

*Not paid for with SAG funds*

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  1. Vivian says:

    Vote right after getting the stronger the union, the better to fight for rights 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know where is the guy in the eyes and smile more beautiful world?
    William doesn't disappear!

  3. Helena says:

    I don't know but I miss him 🙁

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