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LA Film Festival

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by wmapother 5 Comments

On Sat, June 26th, at this year’s LA Film Festival, I’ll be participating in and moderating this year’s Actors Coffee Talk.  The festival also holds them for screenwriters and directors, and they’re all very popular.  Past participants include Jodie Foster, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, and Melissa Leo.  Yeah. : )

The other two participants with me this year are a pair of not-too-shabby actors, Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog, 24…) and James Cromwell (Babe, 6 Ft Under…).  It should be a blast as I ask them all sorts of inappropriate and irrelevant questions.

The Hollywood Reporter’s piece is here, Variety’s here, and the LAFF’s page and ticket link is here (then go down to ‘C’ for ‘Coffee Talk: Actors’ on June 26th at 1pm).

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  1. Catharina says:

    Thats great! Good luck x)

  2. Andrea(Argentina) says:

    I wanted very much able to go to Louisville, with respect to LA,I hope that festivals are successful

  3. Vivian says:


  4. Roberta says:


  5. Alan says:

    that I can go!

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