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St. Louis Shout-Out

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by wmapother 1 Comment

Are you ever surprised how your friends turn out later in life?  People you thought might sputter soar and potential scientists are asking, “Fries with that?”?  I had a friend in college who couldn’t let two sentences go by without finding a way to make me crumple with laughter.  Now he’s running a successful electrical contracting company, and, as far as I know, not eletrocuting anyone.

Furthermore, he’s somehow kept alive his college band, The Boorays, and they’ll be rocking in St. Louis at Off Broadway on May 22.  If you’re anywhere within 500 miles and not chained to a bed by Kathy Bates, I highly, highly suggest you check out the show.

The show and ticket link is here, the listing in St. Louis today is here, and two sites for the band are here (MySpace) and here (Brickhouse).

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