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Back from the Non-Dead, only to…

Posted on: February 1st, 2010 by wmapother 1 Comment

My, my, my. Five months just doesn’t take as long to slip by as it used to, does it? Well, no use blaming Mother Earth and Father Time for this one. Mea culpa, big time. My apologies for the absence — but those aliens just wouldn’t bring me back, no matter what I said. Okay, enough tomfoolery. Lost, er, Lots to catch up on.

So, after finishing the Shakespeare Lab in NYC, I narrated The New Sudan, a documentary on Southern Sudan’s work at rebuilding after the twenty-year civil war. It will soon begin the circuit of film festivals. The trailer is here.
Then I shot an indie film, Another Earth, in the gorgeous Catskills of New York state. It’s a romantic drama/sci-fi. That will also soon be making the festival rounds.
November found me in Vancouver, another beautiful location. (It’s a tough job, I know..). This time I was shooting an episode (called ‘Sanctuary’) of Fox’s new show Human Target, which airs THIS Wed, Feb 3, at 8pm. (Gold stars to those who guessed that might have something to do with my finally returning to my blog..) If you miss the airing, you can see it on Hulu by clicking here.
Then, in December, I was back in NYC to shoot an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. (which should air in March/April). NYC in December with the holidays lights and the smiling shoppers…Autumn been berry berry good to me.
That’s enough for the first post in five months. I didn’t stretch properly, and I don’t want an injury after so long away. More to come soon!
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  1. Eduarda says:

    He's back! Yes!!!!

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