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New Interview Posted

Posted on: July 17th, 2009 by wmapother 6 Comments

A short interview with me has been here posted on lotsofinterviews.com, which specializes in, uh, yeah..

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6 Responses

  1. Roberta says:

    I like Lost and I was always defending the other because I always put in place for each one, I do not think Ethan is a bad guy, I have a theory always thought that Claire did not have access to the vaccines she and Aaron had died,as well that in LOST MISSING PIECE "Jack, Meet Ethan.Ethan? Jack" Ethan had not been the case with the medicines to Jack,Jack would not have saved any of the survivors who became ill or was injured,a doctor of medicine without useless.
    Ethan is not a killer,Kate killed her father,James killed several people,Charlie killed Ethan …thus they are also villains?????
    I hope Ethan plot again in the sixth year, I always thought that the producers killed him very early.

    I am 100% The Others until the end

    And I Love Your Job Will!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The others were only defending the island, the strangers who had arrived,the survivors arrived in the island explored all stations (some exploded),stole the supplies,there are people who do not remember it.
    I want much to Ethan again next season,the character was cool

  3. Andrea(Argentina) says:

    I Love Lost too and I Want so much to see Ethan again 😉

  4. Thiago Mamede says:

    Is funny because I went to follow his career after watching 'In The Bedroom'
    Is complicated judge who is Villain and who is Good Guy in Lost in the fifth year now even the leader of the survivors(Jack)dismisses save the life of a boy (Young Ben),I think in Lost is not judge a character because it has character in a season that looks like a angel,and in following seasons showed us his true face, that someone thought about SUN? yes,she's a good example.

    P.S:sorry for my bad english,Dude!

  5. Eduarda(Rio-RJ-Brazil) says:

    Here in Brazil we love Lost,and I agree that Lost is impossible to say who is innocent and who is victim,for me each has a reason for that is,the people said one person in one episode is a cool thing, but in the episodes following commits something bad to lose and put the whole concept of goodwill acquired in the previous episode,and it happens to both sides.

    Forgive me if I made a mistake in English:)

  6. Annie says:

    LOST Each episode is always a box of surprises,I'm rooting for the return of Ethan.

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