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Pondering the Ethan/Locke ripple effect through repeats

Posted on: January 24th, 2009 by wmapother 1 Comment

Fans who were excited to see non-dead, non-flashback Ethan back on the island Wednesday night have been abuzz with speculation about the impact of Ethan & Locke’s brief meeting. Did Ethan recognize Locke during his time living among the castaways? Did that suggest to the Others that Locke was a fellow ageless time traveller like Richard Alpert? Was Locke’s assertion that he was to be the Others’ new leader the reason for their special interest in him from the beginning? Don’t forget, ABC will be repeating both new Lost episodes tonight, and full episodes may be watched online at the ABC website. Review the scene again and start sharing your own thoughts and conclusions!
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One Response

  1. Carmel, Lost fan from Israel says:

    yes. i think ethan’s encounter with lock combined with Alpert’s encounter with lock in 1954 are the reason the others had been always expecting lock and that’s why ethan was sent to lock’s side of the camp in the first place…

    i personally hope to see how ethan joined the others.

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