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"Criminal Minds" countdown: questions, photos and more!

Posted on: October 22nd, 2008 by wmapother 2 Comments

Tonight CBS will be airing William’s guest starring appearance on the hit drama Criminal Minds!

With a busy schedule of movie roles, stage appearances, and offscreen projects, it’s been a while since William Mapother has graced the small screen. To whet viewer appetites, William took the time to answer a few quick questions about his role in tonight’s episode. Please enjoy his comments below, and also please enjoy the additional photos which were generously shared by William’s costar in tonight’s episode, the always delightful (and only occasionally very creepy!) Wil Wheaton!

How did you come to the role on Criminal Minds, and what was it about this role that appealed to you?

It was offered to me. I’d passed on several previous offers because the characters were, as audiences like to say, bad guys. This role I accepted because the character was, as I like to say, a good guy.

What was the CM filming experience like for you?

Fantastic, thank you for asking. The crew was smooth and friendly, and Robyn was a joy, and John Gallagher, the director, and I know each other from our memorable work as P.A.’s on Born on the Fourth of July, two hundred and thirty-seven years ago.

Who did you get to work with, and what were your impressions of your co-stars?

Mostly with Robyn and Wil Wheaton, both of whom I very much like, both as people and fellow actors. Robyn and I got along immediately and very well, like old friends. Wil creeped me out in his role, frankly. And I didn’t much mind being the creepee for once.

How would you compare “Ian Corbin” to the rest of your stable of characters?

Ian doesn’t maim, lame, or shame (his parents). He’s more of an Everyman than I usually get to play.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I saw previews for the show, I knew the face, but not the name. The face alone drew me into watching the show tonight. It was worth staying up late for, and I was very happy with Mr. Mapother’s performance.

    Time to put him on my list of people to watch.

  2. Roberta says:

    I loved the episode was very nice to see William on TV again, I hope he returns to LOST am also miss seeing the Doc.Rom

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