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Like a lot of people, many of my favorite films are independents, that is, made outside the traditional studio system. And while it’s never been a piece of cake for indie filmmakers to raise financing, it’s much harder now than ever.  And if and when filmmakers do find investors funding, luck too often plays a very large role.

But finding investors shouldn’t be so difficult and random. Given the right opportunity, many investors would love to invest in films.  Unfortunately, these investors usually don’t know any filmmakers.  So, lacking connections and/or choices, most of them never get that opportunity.

Enter Slated.  Leveraging the power of crowdfunding, Slated has launched an exclusive online marketplace for film finance, the first of its kind.  It connects filmmakers to a global network of investors, film professionals, and distributors, providing them with the tools necessary to get their films discovered, financed, and distributed.



What is Slated?
An online film investment marketplace.  Using our platform, filmmakers and investors can find one another in a way that’s never before been possible.

How are you involved with Slated?  Who else is?  I’m a co-founder, Board member, and Advisor.  Info on my partners and our team:  Slated.com/about

When will the marketplace launch officially?
We’re in beta now and expect that our official opening will be this fall.  But 170 films, many with Oscar winners attached, are already listed on our marketplace and available to investors.  And we have a network of more than 3,600 users.

Briefly, how will it work?
Filmmakers upload project info to their page, and investors browse for projects which interest them.  We also offer our users the ability to track films which interest them and connect with other industry users.

What’s required for a project to be posted?
It should be ready for fundraising, eg, have director, producer/s, and actors attached.  Just a script isn’t enough.

How can filmmakers and investors register for the marketplace and receive updates?
Registration and invitation requests for both groups is at Slated.com

Who can participate?
Initially, selected filmmakers and investors.  They (along with Slated) can invite more participants, including writers, agents, other members of a film crew, etc.

Can anyone just join?
New users must be vouched for by at least two current members.  This helps avoid a flood of Internet passersby.


Who can legally invest in films through Slated’s marketplace?
Currently, persons or entities meeting the SEC’s definition of an “accredited investor.”  However, that may change, depending on the SEC’s interpretation of the 2012’s JOBS act.

Does Slated oversee the transactions?
No, in our beta we only facilitate introductions.  But future iterations will add many more features.

Does Slated invest in the films offered on the marketplace?
No.  Our current plans are to serve only as a marketplace, not as an investor.

Do investors get to choose the films they invest in, or does Slated do it for them?
Investors select the individual films they want to invest in.

Do filmmakers have to stop seeking funding elsewhere?
No.  Filmmakers are free to continue pursuing other sources of funding while their films are listed on Slated.  And they are under no obligation to accept any funds from investors they connect with through Slated.

What is Slated’s fee for the introduction?
While we’re in beta, we take no commission.  There is no charge to either filmmakers or investors.


What is crowdfunding ?
Raising money through a network, usually over the Internet.  Crowdfund investing (CFI) is a type of crowdfunding in which members of a network buy equity in a business or venture.

What is the government’s position on crowdfunding?
In a rare show of bipartisanship, Washington supports the efforts of crowdfunding.  On 4.5.12, Obama signed into law the JOBS act, which makes it easier for small, private businesses to raise capital.  One of the measures benefits crowdfunding specifically.

Does crowdfunding really work?
Yes:  Kiva has raised $450+M, Kickstarter $650+M, and Haiti earthquake relief $30+M.  They are many more examples.

How is Slated different from the crowdfunding sites IndieGoGo and Kickstarter?
Funds raised there are donations (in exchange for perks or rewards).  Slated projects are investments.  Investors put money in the films (as either equity or debt) in exchange for a piece of the film’s revenue.

Do any other websites offer Internet-based access to private investments?
Yes.  SecondMarket (for, eg, shares of Facebook before it went public), Lending Club, and AngelList.

Can I register at Slated.com if I’m not a filmmaker or investor, but I just love movies?
Yes, but two current users who know you must vouch for you.

Anything else?
I discuss Slated in an interview with Slice of SciFi (from about 16:10-23:00).

My blog has a number of posts about Slated.  More FAQ are here, on Slated’s site.