William Mapother

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Below is, well, pretty obviously, my filmography.  Or at least most of it.  No promises that something isn’t stuck in a nook somewhere.  If you find something, holler.

IMDb exhaustively lists almost all of the below (except as marked *), as well my non-actor credits and the names of all the TV epsisodes.  My page on IMDb is here.


 Cyber, Rich Donahue  Feature 2014
 I Origins, Darryl Feature 2014
 CastleCarl Matthews TV Series 2013
 The Inheritance, Gitty’s Father AFI Short 2013
 Mentalist, Richard Haibach TV Series 2013
 Catch, Frank Short 2013
 Escape from Polygamy, Ervil TV Movie 2013
 It’s Dark Here, David Tennies Feature 2013
 Underdogs, Bill Burkett Feature 2013
 Jobs, Calligraphy Professor Feature 2013
 Mad Men, Randall Walsh TV Series 2013
 American Horror Story, Driver TV Series 2012
 Ro, Ravi Web Series 2012
 Burn Notice, Garrett TV Series 2012
 Drone, The Supervisor Web Series 2012
 Static, Greg Wagner Movie 2012
 The Secret World (voice) VidGame 2012
 Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 (body only) VidGame 2012
 FDR: American Badass!, Dr. Ellington Movie 2012
 Incident on Marmont Avenue, Albert Short 2012
 Edwin Boyd, Detective Rhys Movie 2012
 Justified, Delroy TV Series 2012
 Drew Peterson Story, Glenn Levecke TV Movie 2012
 A Warrior’s Heart, David Milligan Movie 2011
 The Mentalist, Richard Haibach TV Series 2011
 Another Earth, John Burroughs Movie 2011
 Portraits in Dramatic Time Art Shorts 2011
 Darnell Dawkins, Pastor Jenkins Movie 2011
 Fallout: New Vegas, Colonel Hsu (voice) VidGame 2010
 Halo: Reach, Air Control/Dispatch (voice) VidGame 2010
 I <3 Vampires, William Web Series 2010
 The New Sudan, Narrator (voice) Documentary 2010
 Law & Order: Criminal Intent, John Silvestri TV Series 2010
 Lost, Ethan Rom TV Series 04-10
 The Young and the Restless, Gavin (voice) TV Series 2010
 Human Target, Sam Fisher TV Series 2010
 Hurt, Darryl Coltrane Movie 2009
 WordGirl, Guy Rich (voice) TV Series 2009
 Prison Break, Agent Chris Franco TV Series 2009
 Criminal Minds, Ian Corbin TV Series 2008
 The BurrowersWilliam Parcher Movie 2008
 Lost: Missing Pieces, Ethan Rom Web Series 2008
 Skip Tracer, Harry Hargrove, Jr. TV Movie 2008
 Viva Laughlin, Sweet Lenny Collins TV Series 2007
 Mountaintop Removal, Narrator (voice) Documentary 2007
 K-Ville, Gordon Wix TV Series 2007
 Moving McAllister, Bob Movie 2007
 Moola, Steve Movie 2007
 Robot Chicken, Misc. chars (voice) TV Series 2006
 World Trade Center, Marine Sgt. Thomas Movie 2006
 The Lather EffectJack Movie 2006
 Crossing Jordan, Henry Bishop TV Series 2005
 ThresholdGunneson TV Series 2005
 Chloe, Doctor Short 2005
 The Zodiac, Dale Coverling Movie 2005
 Lords of Dogtown, Donnie Movie 2005
 The Inside, Ronald Ewing TV Series 2005
 The GrudgeMatthew Movie 2004
 *Mean Creek, Ranger (deleted, dammit) Movie 2004
 NCIS, Kyle Grayson TV Series 2004
 CSI: Miami, Pete Keller TV Series 2004
 Suspect Zero, Bill Grieves Movie 2004
 Line of Fire, Larry TV Series 2004
 The Kiss, Peter Movie 2003
 Touched by an AngelEddie TV Series 2003
 Law & Order: SVU, Luke Edmunds TV Series 2003
 Pennsylvania Miners’ Story, John Phillippi TV Movie 2002
 CSI: Vegas, Douglas Sampson TV Series 2002
 Self Storage, Graham Short 2002
 Minority Report, Hotel Clerk Movie 2002
 Vanilla Sky, Clubgoer (uncredited) Movie 2001
 Swordfish, Gabriel’s Crew Movie 2001
 In the BedroomRichard Strout Movie 2001
 Almost Famous, Bartender (scenes deleted) Movie 2000
 Mission: Impossible IIWallis Movie 2000
 Magnolia, WDKK Show Director’s Asst Movie 1999
 The Unknown Cyclist, By-Stander Movie 1999
 Trickle, Josh Riddell Short 1998
 Without Limits, Bob Peters Movie 1998
 Born on the Fourth of July, Vietnam Platoon Movie 1989