William Mapother

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[There’s a Filmography link over to your left..]


 • CASTLE – TV drama in its sixth season.  I think my episode airs around mid-Nov…

• IT’S DARK HERE – Feature drama about two parents and their son over the course of a week, as he suffers what seems to be a quickly developing schizophrenic break.  Based on a true story.  Not yet scheduled for distribution.


I ORIGINS (2014) – A new film from the team behind Another Earth.  I’m thrilled to work with them again, not least because shooting included a trip to India.

CYBER (2014) –  The world of high-tech hacking…through the mind of director Michael Mann.

THE SECRET WORLD – a videogame whose tagline is, simply enough, “Imagine if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true.”  They should probably expect a copyright infringment suit from Fox News.  It’s an MMORPG.  If you have to ask.   Due out in 2014.  Home page.  My post.

A secreter game than The Secret World.  So secret I can’t even talk about it.  But it promises to be…awesome.  Out in 2012.